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  • When should I book my appointments?
    You should book your tanning appointments as soon as you decide to compete. Appointment times are first come, first served. Makeup and hair appointments fill up extremely quickly and often sell out. To make sure you get an appointment time that is convenient and preferable to you, you should book early.
  • When do I get my spray tan?
    Everyone comes to see us for their spray tan once on Friday (day before the show) and once on Saturday (day of the show). All tans are by appointment. Please contact us at to book your appointment time.
  • Where do I go to get my spray tan?
    All of your scheduled tanning appointments will take place at the designated host hotel for the show in a conference room.
  • Can I go to any tanning salon and get a few coats of spray tan?
    No. Competition tanning solution is a specialized product that is much different from the type of tanning solution used in tanning salons. You absolutely must use a tanning product that is intended for bodybuilding competitions to acheive a tan that is dark enough for the stage.
  • I just got my first coat of tan and my coach says it's way too light. Is he/she right?
    No. Tanning application is a multi-step process and your final color will not be ready until you have received your final coat of tan on show day.
  • Do you provide posing oil?
    Yes. Posing oil will be applied backstage at the venue.
  • Can you touch up my tan or my makeup if I mess it up?
    Yes. Touchups are provided backstage at the venue.
  • Will my spray tan stain my clothes and sheets?
    Your spray tan can transfer onto anything it touches. Generally, the color washes out of fabrics but staining is possible. You should wear dark, loose clothing to your appointment and if you are staying overnight at the hotel you should bring your own sheets and towels to avoid being charged any damage fees.
  • I have to wear a medical device, can I still get a spray tan?
    Yes. We do our best to work around medical devices such as insulin pumps, ileostomy bags, prosthetics, etc. If you have question or concern about wearing a medical device during your spray tan, please contact us at
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